Soyuz Coffee Roasting

We constantly travel around the world in pursuit of coffees with highest quality, complexity, and balance. We love sharing these discoveries with you. Thus, you don’t need to make a feat for good coffee!

Each of our BARISTA coffees has its own story to tell, and our roast masters expertly craft a signature profile for every one of them. No two coffees are the same. That we know.

Our passion and love for this craft ensure the end result—an inspired cup of coffee— is as beautiful as its beginning. Each day since 2011 and with every new discovery, we consider it a duty and honor to roast your coffee with the highest level of quality and excellence.

BARISTA is a lifestyle brand committed to creating a community that lives by and embraces our values of being authentic, where we stay true to our beliefs, respect each other and remain accountable; being innovative, where we hold our heritage close to heart when endlessly pursuing quality; and being passionate, where we live and represent the brand we love while working together toward the same goal.

Discover the taste of our BARISTA selection.